BBQs And Bensons

BBQs And Bensons

As the temperature rises and the sun shines bright, BBQ season is well and truly here, which means it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy some indulgent outdoor cooking. Whether it’s at home in your garden, outside your tent whilst camping, or on a beach, we’re sure many of you will have already fired up those barbecues, fire pits, smokers, or any other form of outside cooking appliance! 

Nothing quite beats the smells wafting through the air from the food grilling on the barbie except, perhaps, when that smokey aroma is accompanied by a refreshing drink to quench your thirst or enhance your summer flavours! Not that we’re biased, but we think Bensons’ drinks make for a great pairing with BBQ food and below we’ve listed a few different dishes and a delicious Bensons product we think they pair particularly well with.

Bensons Juices: The perfect pairing with BBQ food.

Before we dive into mouth watering BBQ foods, let’s talk about Bensons drinks. All our products are made from 100% pure, natural ingredients with no added sugar, artificial flavours, colourings, or sweeteners, and all our fruits come from local fruit farms. What better way to enjoy a great British BBQ than with fruit juices made from great British fruit?

Pairing BBQ food with the perfect drink

Without further ado, here are some barbecue classics that many of you will no doubt be sticking on your grills at home or indulging in at your next BBQ party (or brai if you’re South African or Zimbabwean).

1. A good old British beef burger

Burgers are pretty much guaranteed to feature at almost any BBQ, whether it’s a meaty beef patty, a vegetarian burger, or a fully plant-based vegan burger. The pure, crisp apple taste of our Totally Fruity Just Apple Juice complements a variety of grilled meats (or meat substitutes), especially a big burger. The natural tangy sweetness of the apple juice enhances the smoky flavours from the grill, creating a well balanced duo.

2. Grilled chicken or fish with lemon

Grilled chicken and fish, with a lighter lemon juice based marinade, are perfect for a hot summer’s day: like this Paillard of chicken with lemon & herbs recipe or this barbecued fish with lemon & rosemary recipe, both found on the BBC good food website. Our Totally Fruity Elderflower & Apple pairs perfectly with these kinds of dishes. The delicate and aromatic elderflower infusion adds a subtle and refreshing note that complements the light and juicy flavours of these BBQ favourites, forming a match made in heaven.

3. Lamb chops or kebabs

Another firm favourite amongst barbeque lovers and meat connoisseurs are lamb chops or lamb kebabs (you can also use beef kebabs). Just stick them on the grill and cook them to your liking and with a little mint sauce or mint dressing, they are jam packed with juicy flavour! Our Totally Fruity Raspberry & Apple creates a tantalising taste sensation when paired with lamb that leaves you craving more. The tangy and sweet raspberry accentuates the richness of the meat, while the apple juice adds a pleasant undertone.

4. Smoky BBQ ribs and/or roasted vegetables

Ribs are considered one of the best BBQ foods around - they are a big deal in America especially. Sometimes, you just can’t beat a big, smokey, slow and low cooked rack of ribs where the meat falls right off the bone. Alternatively, for non-meat eaters or those following a plant based diet, smoked or BBQ roasted vegetables are a great option that still ticks that smokey flavour box. The perfect pairing for a rack of ribs? We think our warming drink, Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon works wonders alongside ribs or roasted veggies. The aromatic blend of apple and cinnamon adds a comforting touch to smoky BBQ dishes, perfect for cool summer evenings after a low and slow smoked grilling.

5. BBQ chicken wings or sweet BBQ glazed ribs

Sweeter dishes like BBQ chicken wings and sweet and sticky BBQ glazed ribs, as opposed to slow cooked smoked BBQ style, pair brilliantly with the tangy and zesty flavour of Bensons Totally Fruity Orange Juice, creating a delicious contrast of tastes.

6. Grilled prawns or fish

Seafood, which is becoming more common on the menu, makes for a fantastic BBQ dish and dishes like this barbecued prawns with chilli, lime & coriander butter can really level up your BBQ game! Pair it with our Totally Fruity Mango & Apple and you’ll bring a tropical twist to your BBQ. This vibrant and refreshing drink pairs exceptionally well with grilled prawns or fish and the tropical sweetness of the mango enhances the natural flavours of seafood, creating a light and satisfying combination.

7. Spicy BBQ chicken

If you enjoy a slightly more spicy affair, then this easy peasy homemade Nando’s chicken recipe on our website is bound to please, which can be cooked on the barbecue - it’s so easy to make! And for those seeking a crisp and fruity alcoholic option with their BBQ, our Eccentric English Cider Raspberry & Lime is a fantastic choice to pair with spicier dishes! It perfectly complements Nando’s-esq BBQ chicken dishes or grilled vegetables marinated in spices like chilli and paprika. The cider helps to cleanse the palate, making every bite more enjoyable!

8. Barbecued hotdogs or BBQ sausages

Sausages and hotdogs are a staple of any summer BBQ and British bangers come in a variety of sizes and flavours. Whether you’re grilling up some cumberland sausages from your local supermarket, sticking some big, chunky triple chilli sausages on the barbie, or cooking some vegan sausages, there’s a sausage for everyone! What better way to enjoy a good old fashioned hot dog than with a bottle of crisp Eccentric English Cider Apple? This cider’s smooth apple notes provide a refreshing accompaniment to almost any type of sausage - we particularly love pairing it with a big fat pork and bramley apple sausage! Because, you know, apples - we love them!

9. BBQ desserts

Let’s not forget those all important barbecue desserts! No BBQ party is complete without a sweet dish to round the cook-out off. Have you ever tried grilled fruits like peaches? Perhaps you’ve made a berry-topped pavlova to serve up to your guests? Or maybe you’ve slit open a banana, popped some chocolate inside, and stuck it straight on the coals until the chocolate has melted and the banana is nice and mushy before serving it up with ice cream, custard, or cream? Whatever pudding you decide to dish up after your main BBQ affair, pair it with our Eccentric English Cider Mixed Berries and you’re onto a winner! The cider’s mixed berry taste enhances the natural sweetness of grilled fruits, chocolate, and other desserts, creating a luscious and satisfying dessert experience.

Bensons The Juicers: The perfect BBQ partner

Pairing the right beverage with your favourite barbecue foods can really bring the dishes to life and enhance your overall BBQ experience. Our drinks offer a diverse range of options, from our Totally Fruity juices to our Eccentric English ciders, each one provides a unique and delightful pairing for various BBQ dishes.

The next time you fire up your grill, smoker, or barbecue, remember to grab a selection of Bensons drinks to pair up with your mouth watering BBQ creations.

Cheers! Have a delicious Great British BBQ season!