Warm up with Mulled Apple and Cinnamon

Warm up with Mulled Apple and Cinnamon

Benson’s mulled apple and cinnamon juice is a delicious drink to enjoy on its own but make some additions and you have  the ultimate in Winter Warmer drinks!

Made with 100% natural fruit, it delivers an evocative blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves that can be warmed gently for a deliciously aromatic drink.

If you’re taking part in dry January you can  enjoy it alcohol free, and it is guaranteed to warm you through the colder winter months.

Mulled Apple and Cinnamon Cocktails 

Rum punch

Hot apple and cinnamon rum punch

Benson’s mulled apple and cinnamon juice is pretty delicious on its own but add rum and you have a knock out punch that is on another level of deliciousness and the perfect cocktail!

The gorgeously fruity apple  juice, combined with aromatic spices, infused with warming spiced rum will warm your body and tantalise your taste buds.

Why you’ll love this hot apply and cinnamon rum punch recipe 

Warm apple and cinnamon juice is sweeter than red wine and blends well with a spiced rum. All you’ll need to make this amazing drink is of course some delicious Benson’s Mulled Apple and Cinnamon juice and a little spiced rum. 

Spiced Rum 

The perfect addition to this mulled apple and cinnamon juice cocktail. We recommend a warm spiced rum, the rum blends really well with the mulled apple and cinnamon and other spices. While any spiced rum, will do, we are going with Burning Barn’s Spiced Rum


1 litre mulled apple and cinnamon juice
½ juice  orange
200 ml spiced rum
2 cinnamon sticks
4 star anise
1 cm fresh ginger (optional thinly sliced)


Step 1: Start by warming your apple and cinnamon juice on the stove on medium heat. Be sure to stir it gently too.
Step 2: Slice your orange in half and juice one half. Pour that into the warming juice and slice the other half into thin slices.
Step 3: Add your star anise
Step 4: Pour your spiced rum into the apple and cinnamon juice and let it simmer for a few minutes until it is warmed through
Step 5: Serve your warm apple and cinnamon rum punch with dried orange slices. They look lovely and smell even better!

Hot toddy

Apple and Cinnamon Hot Toddy

By definition, a toddy is a drink with a distilled spirit, sweetener, and water. 

While the original hot toddy is a perfect example of the recipe, there are many possibilities for that formula.

This spiced-twist on a favourite winter warmer is so easy. Made with 100% natural fruit juice, it’s just good. Simple, delicious, and warming in more ways than one.

You can choose a traditional whiskey or go with the softer, sweeter accents of brandy, rum or a bourbon. From there, the Apple and Cinnamon juice makes a delicious sweetener. It's brilliant in its simplicity and versatility, so give this recipe your own spin.

Great mixed with a decent Scottish Malt, it’s perfect for Burns Night celebrations too!


350ml Apple and Cinnamon Juice
50 ml whisky
½. Lemon juice and garnish


Step 1: Warm your juice in a saucepan
Step 2: Add in the spirit 
Step 3: Squeeze in some lemon juice and garnish with the remainder 

Vin Brule

Hot Apple and Cinnamon Vin Brulé

This deeply warming and comforting Italian mulled drink is easy to prepare, serves a crowd and certainly warms the cockles!

Added bonus; if you are entertaining more than once, this drink can be made in advance – stores well for up to five days and it is easy to reheat.

There are a few adaptations to the recipe, but the integral components - unsurprisingly Italian red wine is a must, along with honey, citrus and clove remain.  These ingredients add depth, freshness and a mellow quality to the vin brulé.

The recipe traditionally calls for an inexpensive, fruity Italian wine, so take your pick from a Chianti, Sangiovese, Merlot or Primitivo as all are good options.

We’ve included Cointreau for the orange liqueur, but Grand Marnier makes a fine alternative.

Amaretto is an optional extra, but it does add another nod to Italy in the ingredients list. Or replace it with more cherry brandy and orange liqueur.


750 ml Fruity Italian red wine
350 ml Bensons Apple and Cinnamon Juice
1 Orange
4 tablespoon Honey
2 Lemon slices
3 Slices fresh ginger no need to peel
2 Cinnamon sticks each 10cm long
3 Allspice berries lightly crushed
100 ml Cointreau Orange liqueur or Grand Marnier
100 ml Cherry brandy
100 ml Amaretto
500 ml Water


Step 1: Gently warm the apple and cinnamon juice, along with the orange, in a large saucepan, then pour in the wine and stir until steaming but not boiling

Step 2: Remove from the heat and add the honey, lemon, allspice, and ginger. Set aside to rest for at least 30 minutes but up to 1 hour (the longer the juices are left the more they infuse)

Step 3: Add the liqueurs and water. Reheat gently and serve, garnished with orange slices and extra cinnamon sticks if you like.


Spiced Cinnamon Appletini

Mix, shake and sip your way to spiced-apple goodness. This Spiced Cinnamon Appletini recipe uses Benson’s apple and cinnamon juice along with some star anise and vanilla bean seeds to provide an unexpected sweet and aromatic flavour.

Save yourself some time and make a batch. These yummy cocktails are a favourite!


350ml. unfiltered Benson’s apple and cinnamon  juice
½ vanilla bean, seeds scraped
4 star anise cloves
175ml. vodka (optional)
Apple slices and crystallised ginger for garnish


Step 1: Into a large jug or bowl, mix together the Benson’s apple and Cinnamon juice with vanilla bean seeds and star anise cloves. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes to allow flavours to mingle.

Step 2: Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add half of the vodka and half of the juice mixture, and shake well.

Step 3: Pour into martini glasses, straining out ice. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

Step 4: Serve with apple slices and crystalized ginger as garnish.

Apple Snaps Fizz

Spiced Apple Snaps Fizz

Swedes call all strong liquors ‘snaps’ and are particularly fond of them neat with fish and seafood.

This cocktail uses a punchy Swedish aquavit scented with caraway, aniseed and fennel, which works well with apple and cinnamon. If you can’t find aquavit, quality gin is a good substitute.

The ultimate upgrade to the classic Gin and juice; with the addition of sweet apple and cinnamon and bubbly champagne


Squeeze of lemon juice
4 tbsp Benson’s apple and cinnamon juice
Handful ice cubes
200ml bottle sparkling wine
½ small apple, cored and thinly sliced


STEP 1: Pour the aquavit or gin into a cocktail shaker or large jam jar. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice, the apple and cinnamon juice and a handful of ice cubes, pop on the lid and shake well.

STEP 2: Strain into 2 fluted glasses and top up with sparkling wine. Sprinkle the apple slices with any additional ground cinnamon and thread onto  cocktail sticks. 

Do you enjoy a good cocktail but don’t want the alcohol? 

After a heavy festive period, a period of abstinence might be required. Mocktails are the answer to this dilemma. With the same elements a cocktail – complex flavours, fancy glassware and garnishes, and mixology recipes. 



Cinnamon and Apple Mimosa Mocktail

Made with fresh apple and  cinnamon juice and alcohol-free sparkling wine, this delicious mulled mocktail is perfect for dry January..

Add an optional caramel cinnamon rim, it’s quick to make and perfect if you’re serving a crowd.

350ml Apple and Cinnamon Juice
350ml non-alchaholic sparkling wine
Ground Cinnamon
Caramel sauce 


Step 1 To make the caramel rim: dip the rim of your glasses into caramel sauce, then into cinnamon sugar. This step is optional but delicious!

Step 2 To make the apple mimosa mocktail: pour the apple cider into your glass until it reaches around halfway - don't stress about it being exactly equal, you can always adjust the quantities later!

Step 3: Top up with non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Wait for the bubbles to ease, then garnish with a piece of dried apple or an extra cinnamon stick


Spiced apple fizz

Spiced apple fizz

Make this fruity virgin cocktail with Bensons apple and cinnamon juice and ginger beer.


75ml apple juice
75ml ginger beer
1 apple, sliced

Step 1: pour your apple and cinnamon juice into a glass

Step 2: top it up with ginger beer

Step 3: add ice or an slice of apple to garnish