The Best Father’s Day Gifts From Bensons

The Best Father’s Day Gifts From Bensons

With Father’s Day just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for the special dads in our lives can sometimes be a challenge. It’s easy to overthink it and try and come up with an elaborate Father’s Day gift idea, ending up with a Father’s Day present you’re not even sure they’ll like. If you want to give your dad a gift you know they’ll enjoy, then look no further than Bensons!

Known for our exceptional fruit ciders and organic fruit juices, we offer a wide range of gift sets that are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face this Father’s Day. Whether your dad enjoys a refreshing cider, loves spending quality time with the family, prefers a non-alcoholic alternative to cider, or even if they have a summer birthday coming up, Bensons has you covered.

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1. Bensons Eccentric Fruit Cider Bottle Gift Pack

For dads who appreciate a good cider, our Eccentric English Fruit Cider Bottle Gift Pack is a fantastic choice. This gift pack features a selection of premium fruit ciders crafted from whole pressed British apples. Each bottle offers a unique flavour profile that is sure to tantalise your dad’s taste buds, making for a great gift for cider lovers. From zesty apples to juicy berries, this gift pack showcases the best of our English fruit ciders. It’s the perfect gift to raise a glass and toast to a wonderful dad on Father’s Day.

2. Bensons Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon 3 Bottle Gift Box

If you’re searching for a flavoursome and delicious non-alcoholic alternative to cider for a dad who’s given up alcohol, is trying to cut back, or wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, then you can’t go wrong with our Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon 3 Bottle Gift Box. With a taste similar to mulled wine, it makes for the perfect alcohol-free tipple on a summer’s evening as the sun is setting, maybe even around a fire pit or after a summer bbq!

3. Bensons Apple-A-Day Collection

For health-conscious dads or those who simply love the refreshing taste of apples, the Apple-A-Day Collection is a superb choice for Father’s Day gift ideas for organic lovers. Packed with the goodness of organic apples, this collection includes a range of apple-based drinks, including our summery Raspberry and Apple. These delicious and nutritious drinks are a wonderful way to show your dad that you care about his well being, as they make up one of your 5-a-day and contain no added sugar, colourings, or flavourings.

4. Bensons ‘The Core’ Apple Variety Collection

If your dad enjoys exploring different flavours or loves spending time with his family and kids, The Core Apple Variety Collection will make a fantastic Father’s Day gift. This collection contains a selection of drinks across the Bensons ranges, from our Eccentric English Cider to our Joosed Fruity Water, Joosed Fizz, and our Totally Fruity Just Apple. Gift him this collection for Father’s Day and he’ll be able to enjoy a drink with the whole family!

5. Bensons Winter Warmer Collection

For dads or even grandads who enjoy cosy evenings by the fireplace or appreciate the comforting flavours of winter, our Winter Warmer Collection is a great choice. Featuring a range of warm and inviting beverages, including our non-alcoholic Mulled Apple & Cinnamon, these drinks are perfect for Father’s Day or summer birthday celebrations, or relaxing and unwinding after the summer sun has set. It’s not just for winter.

6. Bensons Pip Pip – The Eccentric English Cider Collection

If your dad is a big cider fan, he’ll be delighted with the ‘Pip Pip, The Eccentric English’ Cider Collection. This gift set presents an assortment of our carefully blended real fruit ciders, including our popular Raspberry & Lime, our Cider with Mixed Berries, and our classic Apple Cider. It’s a great cider lover’s gift that is perfect for dads who appreciate craft cider and fruity cider.

7. Bensons Back To The Roots Fruit Juice Collection

For dads who prefer non-alcoholic alternatives or enjoy a refreshing juice, the Back to the Roots Fruit Juice Collection is a wonderful option. This selection of fruit juices takes you back to where it all began at Bensons, our classic collection of Totally Fruity juices! Celebrating the pure flavours of organic fruits, they provide a healthier and invigorating drink experience, bursting with natural goodness. It’s a gift that’ll allow your dad to savour the taste of summer and feel refreshed and revitalised - perfect for BBQs, summer picnics, garden parties, or as a fruity option at summer birthday parties!

8. Bensons The Very Berry Collection

If your dad has a sweet tooth or a fondness for all things fruity, the Very Berry Collection will make an excellent Father’s Day gift. Packed with an array of berry-infused drinks, this collection offers a symphony of flavours that will leave your dad craving more. From Raspberry & Apple fruit juice to Mixed Berries Cider and Joosed Fruity Water, these drinks are a berry lover’s dream. Treat your dad to a delightful burst of fruity goodness this Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that will make him feel appreciated and loved. Bensons offers a selection of delicious gift sets that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether your dad is a cider enthusiast, enjoys family days out, or simply loves delicious drinks, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to his face. These gift sets make excellent choices for Father’s Day, summer birthdays, or any occasion that calls for an inexpensive and economically priced special gift. Show your dad how much you care with a gift from Bensons on Father’s Day 2023.

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