The Bensons Bunch

The Bensons Bunch

At Bensons, we're more than just a juice company - we're a family. Our close-knit team has worked together to produce the highest quality, tastiest fruit juices and ice lollies.

In this blog, we'll provide an inside into what makes Bensons such a special company. You'll hear directly from our team members about what they love most about working here. We'll also share behind-the-scenes stories and product favourites that showcase our quirky, spirited brand personality.

At Bensons, we consider our employees to be family. We hope you enjoy getting to know our fantastic team!

Meet the Team

Lewi - MD - Loves keeping fit and walks his German shorthaired pointer. Lewi enjoys good food and wine! His favourite Benson product is Chilly Billy Ice lollies because they're easy to make, transport and store and provide a healthy, delicious snack.

Sharon - Office Manager - Has 3 kids and 3 dogs. Sharon enjoys reading and belongs to a book/wine club with friends. Her favourite Benson product is Totally Fruity Apple & Elderflower for the taste and she loves the branding of the Chilly Billy's.

Emily - Office and Logistics Coordinator - Has a daughter and dog. Emily says she sometimes feels like she's on Countryfile working at Benson's farm and seeing wildlife like bats, stags, hares and owls! Her favourites are the refreshing Totally Fruity Elderflower & Apple in summer and the Mulled Apple and Cinnamon in winter.

Bean - MD - Production/Sales/Planning - Bean is 52 with a slightly mad dog from Serbia named Lola. He loves watching his kids play sports. As MD, Bean's favourite part of the job is new product development utilizing Benson's eclectic team. His favourite product is the sharp Lemon and Lime Refresher.

Sam - Works in production and ensures products are safely and correctly made. Sam loves learning new things on the job. She likes feeding the birds on her lunch break and playing pranks on colleagues. Her favourite product is the zingy Totally Fruity Apple & Raspberry.

Mike- Production Manager - Huge Liverpool fan who loves football. Mike's favourite part of the job is working with lovely people. His favourite product is the Totally Fruity Apple & Raspberry juice.

Favourite Products

Our team members each have their favourite Benson's products. Here's a peek into what they love and why: 

Sharon's favourites are Totally Fruity Apple & Elderflower for the taste and branding of the Chilly Billy's. She loves the crisp, refreshing elderflower apple flavour on a hot summer's day served over ice. And who can resist the fun, nostalgic branding of the Chilly Billy's ice lollies? They bring back fond childhood memories.

Emily is torn between two favourites depending on the season Totally Fruity Elderflower & Apple in summer served icy cold and Mulled Apple and Cinnamon in winter. 

For both Mike & Sam, it's got to be Fruity Apple & Raspberry for the zingy, delicious flavour. It's just an explosion of fruity freshness in your mouth! 

Lewi loves the Chilly Billy Ice Lolly as they are easy to make and is a healthy, delicious fruity treat for everyone.

Bean's favourite is the Lemon and Lime Refresher. He just can't get enough of the sharpness of the lemons.

Quirky Tales

Here at Bensons Juice, we don't take ourselves too seriously. With a small, tight-knit team, we have our fair share of quirky tales and funny anecdotes.

Our office manager Sharon recalls the time a friend of Beans borrowed one of our vans and had to come back the next day to remove an item of underwear he'd accidentally left behind! Not something you expect to find in a juice delivery van. 

Emily, our office and logistics coordinator, often feels like she's on an episode of Countryfile working in our rural office on a farm. She's spotted bats, stags, hares, and even an owl on site!

Sam likes to play pranks on colleagues in between juicing runs. Sam also likes to feed the birds on lunch and has made good friends with a Robin, what should we call the Robin?

Around here, things tend to get a little wacky. But it keeps spirits bright and reminds us not to take life so seriously. Our team bonds over unpredictable moments.

Join The Bensons Bunch

Here at Benson's, we're more than just a juice company - we're a vibrant community of passionate people who care deeply about bringing high-quality, delicious beverages to our customers. 

Throughout this blog, you've gotten to know some of the staff who make up our team. From our wise leader Bean to our resident prankster Sam, we're a fun-loving, hard-working group. We may come from diverse backgrounds, but we're united by our shared belief in Benson's products and mission. 

Our team brings an incredible range of talents, interests, and personalities. But most of all, we bring heart. We pour our passion into every bottle because we want our customers to taste the care that goes into our craft.

So, if you're looking for more than just great-tasting juice, look no further. At Benson's, you'll find a community you can be proud to be a part of. We'd love for you to join our family. Simply fill in the form below to become part of the Bensons Bunch and be the first to get our special offers, news and even input on new products!