Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie
Well the weather these past few months has been interesting to say the least. One minute we’re relaxing outside in the beautiful sunshine, the next we find ourselves running for cover whilst a small storm brews above us. However, the weather looks like it’s brightening up this week and we for one can’t wait! So we’ve been busy in the kitchen rustling up some homemade delicious treats that are easy to prepare at home and perfect for the warm weather ahead.
Our Sunshine Smoothie is made up of only a few simple ingredients, but is packed full of Vitamin C and has a refreshingly tangy taste. Our Bensons juice is already one of your five a day, so you’ll be packing in plenty of goodness into just one drink.
You will need;
(Serves 2)
Tip: We suggest using frozen mango and pineapple pieces for a smoother consistency. If you would prefer to use fresh fruit, pop in a few ice cubes before blending.

Step 1: Weigh out your ingredients and chop up the banana.

Step 2: Pop the fruit and juice into the blender.

Step 3: Blend for a couple of minutes until smooth. Feel free to do a little kitchen dance whilst you wait.
And there we have it. A simple and deliciously healthy smoothie that is ready to enjoy in the sunshine and is perfect for all ages.
If you give our Bensons fruit smoothie a go, make sure to share and use the hashtag #bensonsthejuicers. We love to see your pictures 😊
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Enjoy! From the Bensons team.