Meet Jeremy Benson – Benson’s Co-founder

Meet Jeremy Benson – Benson’s Co-founder

Jeremy Benson gives us an insight into his life as a dad & MD!

Can you begin by telling us about your background, a little history behind Benson’s and the secret to its success? 

I was bought up in a farming environment, I went to Agricultural University and after was manager of a 6000 acres farm in Cambridge. I then met Alexia, and we decided to start our own fruit juice business because my dad had a ‘pick your own’ fruit farm.

I believe that the secret to success is working with our valued customers to find out what they want!

What’s your role at Benson’s, we know you wear many hats.. which is your favourite? 

I am MD at Benson’s. My favourite part of the job is working with our existing customers on new product development and existing products. I also love solving problems and the day to day bustle.

Favourite product and why?

My favourite Bensons products are Chilly Billy’s and of course our Raspberry & Lime Cider because they’re so clean and refreshing!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My favourite thing to do outside of work is to go and watch my kids play sport.

What do you think differentiates Benson’s from competitors?

The main thing that separates us from our competitors is that we are supporting British Agriculture – its something we are very proud of.

Work life balance?

I don’t feel like I need a work life balance because I love what I do and I have come from a background where my dad used to kick me out of bed every morning to go and milk the cows!! I think I have a better work life balance now because of spending time with the kids.

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