Keep cool this summer with our healthy ice lollies

Keep cool this summer with our healthy ice lollies

The British summer is in full swing and with an early heatwave already behind us, we’ve got the taste for summer days, warm evenings and enjoying our favourite hot weather pastimes. Many of us are self-proclaimed ‘sun seekers’, but when it comes down to it, who are we to turn down a quick fix to cool down while we kick back on a lounger or for the kids after running loops around the garden!  Made from pressed fruit juice and nothing else, these ice lollies are perfect for kids and adults alike and at less than 50 calories per lolly, they’re a guilt-free treat!

How do ice lollies cool you down?

The foods and drinks we consume can have an effect on our body temperature.  In the hot weather, you might instinctively reach for the ice cream tub, but did you know that your body has to use energy and therefore creates heat to digest something like ice cream due to its fat content? Instead, it’s wise to choose foods with a high water content to help keep you cool. Fruits such as oranges, strawberries and mangoes have a high water content and will provide more refreshment, particularly when frozen.

Why should you choose healthy ice lollies?

Many parents worry about the amount of sugar their children consume, particularly as we are constantly being reminded of the importance of cutting down on free sugars such as those added to foods like sweets, biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks. Despite these health warnings, there is still a huge amount of advertising and eye-catching packaging drawing little eyes to sugar laden products. Healthy ice lollies provide a sweet treat but without the added sugar or calorie content you would expect from some of the more mainstream brands. When the only sugar comes from 100% fruit pressed fruit juice you know it’s the best kind, plus you’ll also get higher nutrient levels in pure fruit products than those created from concentrate.

What’s in a Chilly Billy ice lolly?

We’ve done the hard work for you with our Chilly Billy ice lollies, pressing fresh British apples with a variety of Fairtrade and local fruits to create a range of refreshing fruit ice lollies. Our range includes:

  • Blackcurrant and apple
  • Mango and apple
  • Strawberry and apple
  • Raspberry and apple
  • Orange and apple

Each ice lolly is made with 100% fresh pressed fruit and has no added sugar, colours or artificial flavours. What’s more, if you need to be mindful of special dietary requirements you’ll be pleased to know our ice lollies are free from gluten, dairy, nuts and soy and suitable for vegans.

All of our Chilly Billy ice lollies come in cases of 24. Not sure on your favourite flavour? Why not try one of our mixed cases! Our ice lollies are ideal for summer parties, family barbecues and playdates. Hand them round on a summer’s day and we promise you’ll be popular.

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