From Blossom to Bottle: The Art of Crafting Bensons' Cider

From Blossom to Bottle: The Art of Crafting Bensons' Cider

Where did it all begin?

This journey begins with Papa Joe Benson, meticulously hand-pressing the first batch of apple juice in his farmhouse kitchen. The taste is a revelation, sparking a passion to share this simple pleasure with the world. Fast forward, and the scene shifts to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Here, the Bensons take a leap of faith, sourcing local apples and using traditional methods to craft their signature juices. Their success at Womad Festival is a testament to the quality and care poured into every bottle.

Over the years, the Benson family has expanded their offerings, but their commitment to using real, natural ingredients and traditional methods has remained constant. So, the next time you raise a glass of their delicious juice, cider, or other refreshing beverage, remember – it all began with a single blossom, nurtured with love and transformed into a taste of pure delight.

History of the UK Orchards

UK orchards boast a rich history, potentially stretching back to the Neolithic period. Roman influence significantly shaped their development, introducing new fruit varieties. While monasteries played a key role in the Middle Ages, the 20th century saw a decline due to intensive farming. 


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Today, there's a welcome resurgence in appreciation for these traditional landscapes, driven by their historical significance, biodiversity benefits, cultural connection to cider production, and contribution to local food systems. As efforts to conserve and revitalize them continue, UK orchards promise a fruitful future, reminding us of our deep connection to the land and the importance of preserving our agricultural heritage.

Support Local Businesses

Love the taste of juicy, homegrown apples? By choosing local orchards and farm shops, you're not just treating yourself to delicious produce, you're also helping to safeguard centuries-old orchard traditions. Your support empowers these small businesses to keep using sustainable methods, cultivate unique heritage varieties, and pass on their knowledge to future generations. So next time you're looking for fresh fruit, remember, every bite can help preserve a valuable piece of local history.

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Choose Local Ciders for that true authentic experience

At Bensons, our journey runs alongside the enduring spirit of British orchards. Just like the generations before us, we're passionate about using traditional methods and supporting local farms. This dedication is clear in every bottle of our award-winning juices, ciders, and fruity waters. But the story doesn't end there. For a taste of genuine orchard tradition, look beyond the supermarket aisles and explore the world of locally crafted ciders. These small-batch producers are the true guardians of our orchard heritage, offering unique flavours and a connection to the land they're made from. So, raise a glass to the past, present, and future of British orchards – choose local, and savour the authentic cider experience.