Dogs in the Workplace!

Dogs in the Workplace!

Here at Bensons everyone is welcome and we love having the pooches in to visit!

As a company that holds health and well-being close to our hearts, we couldn’t be stronger advocates for the unconditional love – and healthy dose of exercise – that a four legged friend can provide!

Dogs are a powerful source of social support for humans, they provide unconditional love. A dog doesn’t care if you have done something wrong, if you are grumpy, or if you are having a down day of any kind. A dog loves you anyway, giving you cheerful attention regardless of what else is going on in your life.

Dogs encourage owners to exercise! Studies have shown that on average, dog owners walk 79% further than non-dog owners. Exercise has many add on benefits for physical and mental health.

Petting a dog has been proven to reduce stress, whether or not you own the dog. The process of patting and stroking a dog reduces the blood pressure, changes your physiological state into a more relaxed mode, and makes you feel better. So dogs in your office could help lessen the overall stress of the workplace environment.

Dogs in the workplace? It’s a thumbs up from us!

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