Christmas gifting with a twist

Christmas gifting with a twist

And 8 great Christmas cocktail ideas

Have you got a cider lover amongst your family and friends? Or maybe you know someone who’s crackers about cocktails?

Why not get them a Bensons gift pack for Christmas along with a delicious Christmas cocktail recipe as a special way for them to enjoy their gift!

We have a range of gift packs available for cider and fruit lovers alike! But some real tasty magic happens when you combine them into a Christmas Cocktail Gift!

We’ve curated a selection of amazing Christmas present ideas using our range of gift packs and pairing them with some delicious flavour combinations for those special Christmas drinks and cocktails. 

Read on for some great gifting ideas based on festive cocktails with a twist.

What’s more, you have a chance to win the Bensons gift pack of your choice from the ideas below so you can make a start on your Christmas gift list!

Bensons Christmas Cocktail Gift Pack Combinations

Mulled Apple & Cinnamon and Eccentric English Fruit Cider

For lovers of cold winter evenings, snuggled up with a glass of mulled cider, this is the perfect gift pack combo!

A pack of Bensons Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon 3 Bottle Gift Box and Bensons Eccentric English Fruit Cider 3 Bottle Gift Box makes the perfect gift for anyone that likes to warm up with some mulled cider. 

The best bit? The Mulled Apple & Cinnamon is non-alcoholic, so absolutely anyone can enjoy it. For a non-alcoholic option, just enjoy it on its own.

If you want to make an alcoholic mulled cider, just add equal parts Eccentric English Cider and Mulled Apple & Cinnamon, warm up in the microwave or hob, and enjoy!

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‘Pip Pip, The Eccentric English’ Cider Collection, Vodka, and Ginger Beer

For the more serious cocktail lovers, gift a pack of our ‘Pip, Pip’ Cider collection along with a bottle of vodka and a pack of ginger beer.

They can then enjoy a variety of cocktails with the vodka alone.

Or they could try a crisp and tangy Apple Cider Moscow Mule.

For two cocktails, simply mix half a bottle of Eccentric English Cider with 90ml (or 3-4 shots) of vodka, 250-350ml of ginger beer, and half a lime. Sophisticatedly sip away with ice or drink through a straw. The choice is yours!

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Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon 3 Bottle Gift Box and A Big Bottle of Bubbly

For those that love sparkling wine and mulled cider this makes the perfect Christmas gift partnership.

The sweetness of our Mulled Apple & Cinnamon pairs wonderfully with a lovely cooled bottle of champagne or sparkling wine in an Apple Cider Mimosa!

Simply fill a champagne flute or wine glass ¼ full with our Mulled Apple & Cinnamon and top up with the champagne or bubbly!

For a little more “je ne sais quoi”, mix two tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, wet the rim of the glass and then dip it in the cinnamon sugar mixture.

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Totally Fruity Mulled Apple & Cinnamon 3 Bottle Gift Box and a Bottle of Spiced Rum

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaarrrrrrr! #sorrynotsorry

For the rum loving pirates in your life, why not gift them a piratey partnership of our Mulled Apple & Cinnamon gift box and a bottle of their favourite spiced rum?

They could make the “booty”ful Christmassy pirate hybrid cocktail, Hot Spiked Mulled Apple Cider!

Simply mix the Mulled Apple & Cinnamon with the rum, warm up, and serve. Simple!

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Bensons ‘Pip Pip, The Eccentric English’ Cider Collection, Bensons ‘Back to the Roots’ Fruit Juice Collection, a Bottle of Rum or Whiskey, a Large Bottle of Ginger Ale, Apples, Oranges, and Cinnamon Sticks

Does someone you know love throwing a nice big Christmas party? Gift them this nice big collection of drinks that’d make a perfect Christmas hamper.

What’s more, you could enjoy the resulting concoction with them!

From this fabulous hamper-worthy bundle of gifts you could make Apple Cider Punch.

To make a nice big bowl of Apple Cider Punch (serving around 16 drinks) pour six (yes 6!) of the bottles of cider into a large punch bowl along with both bottles of the Totally Fruity Orange from the ‘Back to the Roots’ collection. Chuck in a litre of ginger ale and around 500ml of rum or whiskey (or more, depending on the kind of party it is!). Then add about 200ml of lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best) and garnish with slices of the apples and oranges and the cinnamon sticks.

Then let the party commence!

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Bensons Eccentric English Fruit Cider Bottle Gift Box, Irish Whiskey, and Ginger Beer

For an Irish Christmas twist, gift these to a whiskey lover and let them whip up an Apple Cider Irish Mule for you both!

Simply, mix 120ml of their favourite Irish whiskey with 250ml of our Eccentric English Apple Cider, and then top with 350ml of ginger beer and you’ve got yourself two lovely glasses of Apple Cider Irish Mule for you both to enjoy, and warm your cockles on a cold winter’s night.

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Bensons Eccentric English Fruit Cider Bottle Gift Box and a Bottle of Lemonade

With this simple gift set, you can make a deliciously crisp Sparkling Raspberry Cider Punch.

Gift these drinks to a fruity cider lover and they could throw all three bottles of cider into a punch bowl and top up with the lemonade to make a delicious raspberry cider punch! For a little extra fruityness, you could throw in some Raspberry & Apple Juice from our ‘Apple A Day’ Collection gift set!

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Bensons Eccentric English Fruit Cider 3 Bottle Gift Box, a Bottle of Dark Rum, and a Bottle of Ginger Beer

For the dark and broody types in your life, or those that like their drinks dark and strong, combine these three for a stormy Christmas present.

From these three simple gifts, they can whip up a storm; a Cider Dark and Stormy storm, that is!

Simply combine one part equal measure of cider and rum with two parts ginger beer with a squeeze of fresh lime (optional) to set it off and you have yourself a delicious Dark and Stormy with a cider twist.

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