Chilly Berry Cocktail

Chilly Berry Cocktail

The weather lately has been hot hot hot so we've come up with a deliciously refreshing cocktail made with our Raspberry & Apple Chilly Billy Ice Lolly to keep you cool this summer. Do you have a garden party or BBQ coming up? Our cocktail is made of only 4 ingredients, the perfect recipe to impress your guests. 

For grown ups only! 

All you need is:

1 Raspberry & Apple Chilly Billy Ice Lolly

25ml Raspberry Vodka

25ml Strawberry Liqueur

A dash of Grenadine

Cubed Ice

A blender

Garnish of your choice!

(Serves 1)


Step 1: Measure out 25ml of Raspberry Vodka


Step 2: Measure out 25ml of Strawberry Liqueur 


Step 3: Break up one Raspberry & Apple Chilly Billy and add to the blender


Step 4: Add a splash of Grenadine


Step 5: Whizz it up!


Step 6: Fill up your favourite glass with cubed ice and pour over your cocktail


Step 7: Serve with garnish of your choice! We chose sliced apple to compliment our choice of Ice Lolly. You could try adding red berries, squeeze of lime, or even some edible flowers to make your cocktail look 'Instagrammable'. 


And there we have it! Our tasty and refreshing Chilly Berry Cocktail, the perfect treat to cool you down. 

Why not try your own? You could experiment with different flavours from our Chilly Billy range to see what you come up with! If you give it a go, make sure to tag us @bensonsfruity and use the hashtag #bensonsthejuicers. We love to see your pictures! :)

Happy Wednesday from the Benson's team!