Back to School

Back to School

As the beginning of term is edging ever closer, we know how stressful it can be to get kids back to school – especially as things are a little different at the moment. So we have compiled a quick check list for you to use over the next couple of weeks to avoid any last minute dashes to the shop!

Uniform – Each school will be different but it’s usually a necessity for all kids. At the moment it may be that schools allow children to wear their own clothing, but if uniform is a requirement, we recommend 4 or 5 Polo Shirts (we know how messy kids can get!), 2 x Jumpers/Cardigans/Blazers, 2 x trousers/shorts/skirts, shoes, socks and a waterproof coat.

PE Kit – PE is important to help keep your children fit and healthy during their school years. PE tends to only be once or twice a week so a basic selection of items is all you’ll need including a t-shirt, shorts, socks, plimsolls and a bag.

Stationary – This was always my favourite thing about going back to school. Anybody else? The WHSmith trip to get brand new stationary always made the feeling of going back to school a bit more exciting. Some schools often provide most of the stationary listed but it’s a good idea to invest in some ready for homework. Handwriting pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, pencil case, colouring pencils, geometry set and a calculator.

Bag – With a wide selection of bags to choose from, you might want your kids to choose their own style. We recommend getting one with plenty of pockets to help them separate and organise all their school necessities (even though this probably won’t last long).

Lunch Box – In your kids eyes, this is probably their favourite part! As well as a few treats, make sure to pack some healthy nutritious food too to ensure they’re eating a balanced diet.

We know how important a balanced diet is which is why we’ve got a special promotion on our ‘Back to School’ packs. Our Joosed drinks are infinitely recyclable and great for lunchboxes or on the go. Our Joosed Fruity waters are a refreshing blend of pressed fruit juice mixed with filtered water, whilst our Joosed Fizz is a healthy sparkling drink for all ages.

Both one of your 5-a-day with no added sugar, colourings or flavourings – they are a great alternative to many other sugary drinks that are on the market today.

And there we go! A quick check list to get your kids back to school 😊

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Have a great week!

The Bensons Team x