Our Totally Fruity Smoothie Recipe!

Smoothies are quick and flexible and you can add in almost any fruit combination and they still taste great. They are also a fantastic way to get everyone eating more fruit, veg and even seeds.

Most importantly they’re healthy, delicious and even the fussiest of children love them. Children are always more likely to eat something healthy if they have a hand in preparing it…(and that preparations fun!)

Nuala Benson and her older-brothers often take it in turns to prepare and make their family’s morning smoothie.
  1. Prepare the good stuff –prepare your fruit, veg and any other ingredients – wash, chop and peel as you would normally. The fresher the better but frozen is also great too.
  2. Add your liquid – to ensure optimal smoothie blending its best to add your liquid first (or last if you are using a nutribullet). There is much debate as to what liquid to add…water? Cows milk? Almond milk? Yoghurt? JUICE!?… we are team juice and we like to add a small amount of Bensons Totally Fruity juice to our morning smoothies. Any flavour works great – but apple is always a firm favourite. Top tip – ensuring your liquid is the closest ingredient to the blade will prevent it from getting damaged.
  3. Add your base –> the base is what will provide a creamy smoothie texture (flavourful & filling is the aim). Bananas, mangos, peach, pear and apple are the best fruits to achieve this.
  4. Add your fruit and veggies –>once you have your liquid and base sorted you can add your chosen fruit, veg and leafy greens.
  5. Add your ice –>Ice or frozen fruit are a great addition to any smoothie – we prefer frozen fruit as it will ensure your smoothie is nice and frothy. However don’t double don’t double up on frozen fruit and ice though as it is likely to make your smoothie too thick. Frozen fruit can be found in most supermarkets and is usually much cheaper than fresh fruit, especially berries.
  6. Add ins –> You can also include healthy fats such as nuts, nut butters or canned coconut milk. Proteins are also a great addition to any smoothie – Greek yoghurt, whey, chia seeds and casein all fall in within this category.
  7. Blend…and enjoy!

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