15th August, 2017

Our Fruity Cider is Now Available At Nandos

It comes with great excitement that we can now announce that our brand-new English Eccentric Raspberry & Lime Cider is now available in all Nando’s restaurants across the UK, Woohoo! We have been working on this exciting project with the Nando’s head office team since February – we were testing and tasting different cider recipes at questionable times in the morning out of our blue office water cooler cups and after much deliberation we agreed on the final recipe 😉.

Our recipe uses only UK apples of which are grown within 40miles of the press they are juiced in and we also only use British raspberry juice. British orchards are an endangered species – 60% have disappeared since to 1950s – and so we’re doing our bit to keep them thriving by sourcing only the finest seasonal British Apples.

Our cider was originally trialled in 15 Nando’s restaurants across the UK and after such a successful trial we quickly had some very large production runs to plan!

As we have launched sooner than expected, we won’t be on the Nando’s Drinks menu just yet but please do ask for us and try for yourself.


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